BEST ERTE / ERTA ALE VOLCANO TOUR, Ethiopia, to World's only liquid lava lake, Salt camel caravans, Hot sulfur springs. Visit the Earth's geological playground


Erta Ale Volcano

Learn all about the spectacular Erta Ale lava lake and visit at night to watch the orange glow of molten lava sputter up and move about in a fascinating show of nature's force. The volcano is in the Danakil Depression of Ethiopia, where it is part of the Erta Ale Range. It is 1 of 4 volcanoes worldwide with a lava lake active since its discovery in 1969. A basaltic shield volcano with a 600 X 1700 m caldera or crater, the Erta Ale Volcano is only 613 m high, as it gradually slopes down to a 40 km diameter wide base with solid runs of many kilometers of lava left behind from outburst in the past.



Erta Ale means "smoking mountain" in Afar and is also referred to as the Gateway to Hell and is one of the most fabulous attractions of the Afar depression as the Afar like to call this region in the Afar Triangle.


Erta Ale is centered over the east African rift system which is a triple junction setting that is resulting in the formation of a pull apart basin or rift. May take 5 hours from the hamlet of Hamed Ela cross country.


Climbing can easily take 2 - 3 hours and should be done after 4 or at sun rise, when the temperatures are lower, arriving at the top at late dawn, where there is the top base camp.


ERTA ALE VOLCANO, ETHIOPIA:  Traversing the Afar Depression, Ethiopia ERTA ALE VOLCANO, ETHIOPIA:  A temporary Afar hamlet near the Erta Ale Volcano in a lava dominated landscape.

Cross country en route on the Erta Ale Volcano Tour in the Danakil Depression.

A temporary Afar hamlet near the Erta Ale Volcano in a lava dominated landscape.

ERTA ALE VOLCANO, ETHIOPIA:  Base camp Erta Ale Volcano, Dallol Depression, Ethiopia ERTA ALE VOLCANO, ETHIOPIA:  Climbing the Erta Ale Volcano, Afar Triangle, Ethiopia

The Dodum visitor base camp at the Erta Ale Volcano.

Climbing the Erta Ale Volcano with an Afar guide from the Dodum base camp.

ERTA ALE VOLCANO, ETHIOPIA:  Crater of the Erta Ale volcano, Ethiopia ERTA ALE VOLCANO, ETHIOPIA:  Pahoehoe Lava, Erta Ale Volcano, Ethiopia

Inside the caldera of the Erta Ale Volcano with the edge of the volcano in view in the background.

Pahoehoe lava in the crater of the Erta Ale Volcano.

ERTA ALE VOLCANO, ETHIOPIA:  Erta Ale Volcano at night, Afar Depression, Ethiopia ERTA ALE VOLCANO, ETHIOPIA:  Glowing lava Erta Ale Volcano, Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Mystified in the glow of the red hot lava during our Erta / Erte Ale Volcano Tour.

Erupting lava in the lava lake of the Erta Ale Volcano at night. It is blistering hot at the edge and the sulfur fumes smell terrible, but it is totally worth it!


After visiting Lake Assale and the Erta Ale Volcano, it is possible to continue to Lake Afrera and from there to the Lucy site at Hadar, but most people return to Tigray capital Mekele to continue from there to Lalibela.


This Travel module takes you to the Erta Ale Volcano:




Day 1 Mek'ele - Hamed Ale ?180km

  1. Berahile, visit the salt market and pay the entrance fee into the Danakil Desert;

  2. Hamed Ale base camp.

Day 2 Hamed Ale - Erta Ale ? 80km;

  1. Sulfur geysers at Dallol;

  2. Sulfur pool;

  3. Salt winning site of the Afar People in Lake Assale;

  4. hike up the Erta Ale after 4 o clock to benefit from the lower temperature;

  5. Make camp at the top of Erta Ale;

  6. Admire the glow of the Erta Ale Ale at night.

Day 3 Erta Ale - Mek'ele ?260km

  1. Walk down from Erta Ale;

  2. Depart from the Danakil Depression to return to Mekele.

Costs $595

. Included: meals, transportation, fees, non-alcoholic beverages, tee/coffee at meals. Minimum number of  passengers is 2.

Ask for a group discount.


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