AXUM OBELISKS, STELAE & MONUMENTS: WORLD HERITAGE SITE, the cultural center of Tigray, Ethiopia's oldest culture dating back 3000yrs with many monuments


Stelae of Axum, Ethiopia, "Obelisks"

The kingdom of Axum lasted from the first to the eighth centuries AD. Positioned at the crossroads of three continents, Africa, Arabia and the Mediterranean. is was the most powerful nation between the Roman empire and Persia and it was the first state to formerly adopt Christianity around 325 AD. It also briefly granted asylum to some of the early followers of Mohammed in the seventh century. Ruins of palaces, buildings and tombs cover a wide area in the Tigray Plateau, the most impressive being the Axum, Ethiopia stelae or obelisks at the stelae field of present day Axum. Several stelae date between the 3rd and 4th centuries AD.


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Ethiopia Historical Monuments by car

9 days. Price: $890 per person, minimum 4. Hotels, meals, transportation, fees, non-alcoholic beverages, tee/coffee at meals included. Minimum 2 passengers.

Ask for group discount.

Ethiopia Historical Monuments by plane

5 days. Price: $890 per person approximately, pending flight costs. Transportation, entry fees, meals, etc. Prices may vary depending on fluctuating air fairs. The itinerary will be adjusted according to flights Minimum 2 passengers.  Longer itineraries at additional hotel costs allow for a more relaxed program.

Day 1: ADDIS ABABA - BAHIR DAR, road distance ? 580km;

  1. Stop at the bridge across the Blue Nile Gorge, comparable in size to the Grand Canyon in the USA and supposedly the largest canyon of Africa;

  2. In the evening visit the Blue Nile falls if arrival before dark;

  3. Hotel in Bahir Dar.


  1. Morning Flight to Bahir Dar

  2. Visit Blue Nile Falls and Portuguese Bridge;

  3. Hotel in Bahir Dar.

Day 2: LAKE TANA - BLUE NILE FALLS, road distance ? 35km

  1. Day excursion by boat on Lake Tana to visit several of the famous Lake Tana churches and monasteries;

  2. Visit of the Blue Nile Falls;

  3. Sleep at Hotel.

Day 2: BAHIR DAR - GONDAR - by car

  1. Early morning half day excursion by boat on Lake Tana to visit several of the famous Lake Tana churches and the origin of the Blue Nile to watch Hippos;

  2. Afternoon drive to Gondar;

  3. Visit Royal Enclosure with the palaces of 6 kings, including Fasilides Castle;

  4. Visit Fasimile's Bath;

  5. Hotel in Gondar.

Day 3: BAHIR DAR - GONDAR, road distance ? 175km

  1. The Devil's Nose Rock, is a basaltic monolith or hoodoo, located near the village of Addis Zemen, 75km north Bahir Dar on the road to Gondar. On its top is an important roost and possibly nesting place for Ruepell's and other vultures.

  2. Check in in the hotel at Gondar after which a visit to Mentewab's Dining Room (Kusquam) and/or Fasimile's Bathroom depending on available time;

  3. Hotel in Gondar.


  1. Time permitting Visit Mentewab's Castle very early in the morning;

  2. Morning flight to Lalibela;

  3. Church treasures museum Lalibela;

  4. Visit the Northern and Southern rock hewn church complexes;

  5. Hotel in Lalibela.


Day 4: GONDAR - AXUM, road distance ? 350km

  1. Early in the morning visit the City fortress with the palaces of 6 kings;

  2. Road trip to Axum;

  3. Coffee ceremony;

  4. Hotel in Axum.


  1. Early morning excursion to the Southern Complex;

  2. Flight to Axum;

  3. Visit the Stelae compound;

  4. Visit the Tsion Mariam  Church where the Arc of the Covenant is held and the 16th century church on the same complex, which is much more interesting;

  5. Visit Emperor Kaleb's Palace;

  6. Coffee ceremony at a ceremony in a friend's home

  7. Hotel.


Day 5: AXUM - MEKELLE, road distance  ? 250km

  1. Visit the famous beautiful Stellae at Axum;

  2. Visit Queen Sheba's Palace (officially Dongar Palace);

  3. Gudit Stelae Field opposite the palace;

  4. Debre Liqanos Monastery;

  5. Queen Sheba's Pool (May Shum);

  6. Enzana Enscription, a 3-lingual stone describing a battle of King Enzana

  7. King Basen's Tomb;

  8. Ride to Mekelle;

  9. On the way, visit Yeha Temple;

  10. Hotel in Mekelle.


  1. Visit Queen Sheba's Palace (officially Dongar Palace);

  2. Gudit Stelae Field opposite the palace;

  3. Debre Liqanos Monastery;

  4. Queen Sheba's Pool (May Shum);

  5. Enzana Enscription, a 3-lingual stone describing a battle of King Enzana

  6. King Basen's Tomb;

  7. Flight to Addis Ababa.


Day 6: MEKELE - WUKRO - MEKELLE, road distance  ? 45km

  1. Visit Rock Hewn Churches in Wukro;

  2. Visit Palace Emperor Yohannes IV;

  3. Hotel in Mekelle.


Day 7: MEKELE - LALIBELA, road distance ? 430km

  1. Leave early in the morning for Lalibela;

  2. Church treasures museum Lalibela

  3. Hotel in Lalibela.


Day 8: LALIBELA - DESSIE, road distance ? 300km

  1. Visit the churches of Lalibela;

  2. Drive to Dessie;

  3. Hotel in Dessie.


Day 9: DESSIE - ADDIS ABABA road distance ? 340km

  1. last day of the Ethiopia Historical Monuments and return trip to Addis Ababa;

  2. Transfer to hotel.




While other stelae fields are known, such as the Gudit stelae field, none equal the scale and majestic designs at this UNESCO world heritage site. In fact, stelae of Axum were carved mainly from a rock similar to granite and are very weather-resistant. The erection of stelae in the Axumite empire was a very old practice for marking graves and underground burial chambers, some of which can still be seen at the Axum Stelae Field.


The most famous stela is the Obelisk of Axum a 1,700-year-old, 24-metre-tall obelisk, which was take by the Italians in 1937 during the occupation and returned to Axum in 2005 and re-erected in 2008.


AXUM STELAE [10 FACTS]: Axum Obelisk

AXUM OBELISKS [10 FACTS]: Axum Stelae, Ethiopia.

AXUM STELAE [10 FACTS]: Axum Stelae Field

AXUM OBELISKS [10 FACTS]: Axum Stelae field.

In fact, Axum, Ethiopia stelae field is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


AXUM STELAE [10 FACTS]: Axum Museum

AXUM OBELISKS [10 FACTS]: Injera dinner, Ethiopia

The Axum museum has a great collection of historical artefacts and is well worth visiting.

Hospitality at the home of a local family.


Tsion Maryam Cathedral

The Tsion Maryam Cathedral is the holiest place of worship of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and in importance comparable to the Vatican to the Roman Catholic Church. Supposedly it is home to the the Ark of the Covenant. According to legend, the Ark was taken from the ancient city of Jerusalem by a man named Menelik who was thought to be the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. He is said to have brought it home to Ethiopia for safe keeping and stored it at Tana Cherkos monastery for 800 years - a claim supported by records preserved in the Ethiopian Royal Chronicles. Whether  it concerns an ancient replica or the real ark, we will never know, as only once a year, the high priest of the Cathedral may enter the sanctorum and he is the only person alive ever having seen the holy relic. It is very unlikely that the Ethiopian Church will allow a scientific analysis to take place very soon. And lets be fair. Why would we want to de-sacrifice such beautiful myth? The actual location of the Ark is the chapel adjacent to the cathedral.


AXUM STELAE [10 FACTS]: Tsion Maryam Cathedral

AXUM OBELISKS [10 FACTS]: Chapel at Tsion Maryam Cathedral with the Arc of the Convenant

Tsion Maryam Cathedral.


Chapel at Tsion Maryam Cathedral with the Arc of the Convenant


Emperor Kaleb's Palace

Recent restorations reveal some of the walls of Emperor Kaleb's palace, who abdicated in favor of his son Gebre Meskel around the year 550. More conspicuous is the tomb with two sarcophaguses, supposedly belonging to both emperors.


Mai Shum, Queen Sheba's swimming pool

Another interesting monument is Mai Shum, popularly referred to as Queen Sheba's swimming pool. While it is doubful that the reservoir has served as the swimming pool of the mythical Queen Sheba, there is little doubt that the reservoir has played in important role in the Axumite history. As with so many monuments in Ethiopia, it has been somewhat restored but poorly so. But maybe that is the charm of a country that has gone it's own way, and which is lacking the sophistication of western restoration standards.


AXUM STELAE [10 FACTS]: Emperor Kaleb's Palace, Axum, Ethiopia

Above: Emperor Kaleb's Palace.


AXUM OBELISKS [10 FACTS]: Mai Shum, Queen Sheba's Swimming Pool

   Queen Sheba's Pool or Mai Shum.


AXUM STELAE [10 FACTS]: King Kaleb's Tomb

AXUM OBELISKS [10 FACTS]: Emperor Kaleb's and Emperor Gebre Meskel's Tombs

Entrance to Kaleb's and Gebre Meskel's tombs.

Kaleb's and Gebre Meskel's tombs.


Basket industry

Axum has a number of great local art shops that specialize in colorful baskets.


AXUM STELAE [10 FACTS]: Basket shop, Axum, Ethiopia

AXUM STELAE [10 FACTS]: Souvenir shop, Axum, Ethiopia


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