The Huaca Del Sol, Trujillo, Peru

The Huaca del Sol and the Huaca de la Luna are adobe pyramids built by the Moche people between 100 - 800 AD near the city of Trujillo, Peru's second archaeological capital after Cusco.


These huacas are the most conspicuous ruins surrounding the Cerro Blanco volcano, in the coastal desert of Trujillo in the Moche Valley.

The Huaca del Sol

Facing the nearby Huaca de la Luna, the better-preserved but smaller pyramid, the Huaca del sol remains lesser understood. Archeologists believe that the Huaca del Sol may have served for administrative, military, and residential functions, as well as a burial mound for the Moche elite. By 450 AD, eight different stages of construction had been completed, one on top of the other, resulting in a enormous structure. with an estimated 130 million adobe bricks resulting in the largest pre-Columbian adobe structure in the Americas.


Over time it raised from the first level of about 50 m to 340 m at the peak of the fourth level as different rulers built new layers on top of the previous structure. The pyramid appears to have been used for ritual and ceremonial activities as well as the royal residence and burial chambers. The grave goods found at the Huaca del Sol suggest they may have belonged to the political rulers, while the graves at the Huaca de la Luna seem to have belonged to the religious elite.


In the early 17th century, the Spanish redirected the waters of the Moche River to run past the base of the Huaca del Sol hoping the erosion of the river would reveal treasures of gold. The river erosion caused great damaged the Huaca del Sol and probaly 50 - 70% of the structure washed away, leaving a remaining hill of about 40m at present. hmmm one wonders how archaeologists concluded that the structure measured 340 m in the past, with no remains to measure such height. Nevertheless, the structure is still impressive as it stands.


HUACA DEL SOL, TRUJILLO, PERU: Adobe piramid near Trujillo.HUACA DEL SOL, TRUJILLO, PERU: Adobe city mount abandoned in the 500s.

The Huaca del Sol, Trujillo, Peru, now protected from the eroding works of the Moche river, with a road winding around its base to the more scenic Huaca de la Luna.

Millions of adobe bricks form the highest adobe structure in the Americas.



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