The mission of the World Institute for Conservation and Environment, WICE, is to contribute to the conservation of national parks and protected areas, so that by being visited, governments and local communities become aware of their importance for generating income and alternative livelihoods. By promoting and selling national parks tours under its brand name "Ecotravel Worldwide" WICE is the only company in the world that has specific objective.


Why in National Parks and Nature Reserves? It is a sad reality that in most developing countries, many national parks and reserves receive insufficient visitation, and therefore risk being neglected by their respective governments and most of them are heavily underfunded.


Many so-called ecolodges are located in isolated patches of private forest, and being private enterprises, these lodges promote themselves much more effectively than the governments do with their national parks. As a result well-meaning ecotourists go to the places of lesser importance for the conservation of nature. As a result, the national parks and nature reserves that protect the majority of the animals and plants of the country remain little known and receive hardly any visitors. By drawing ecotourists away the so-called ecolodges are actually harming the national parks and reserves of their country! Think about that!


The World Institute for Environment and Conservation, WICE, has been created to address this problem. We are developing excursions to national parks and nature reserves that are part of the protected areas system of of each country where we operate and sell them through this website . This will not maximize our earnings, but it will contribute to the conservation of the most important nature of the world: Nature of the developing countries! That is why we created this website. Any trip with us will help protect nature as we reinvest our earnings into new programs to other protected areas, so that they too can benefit from ecotourism and become permanently protected.


As a corporate social responsibility company, WICE with its Ecotravel Worldwide operation, does not exclusively focus on the well-being of the national parks. We know how much you have looked forward to having a great vacation at the remote destination of your choice and that you have to spend a lot of money to get there. We feel highly responsible that you get the experience of a lifetime. We do everything possible to make that happen. Over the 4 decades of his career as a conservation ecologist and national parks advisor, our CEO, Dr. Daan Vreugdenhil, has traveled to more than 80 countries in the world; all our trips are developed under his professional guidance. 


Our Code of conduct towards YOU is guided by the following:

We are aware of the fact that many of our clients don't have a large budget and we try to help you find great value for money. Others really love to enjoy their vacation at the highest level of luxury and we will be delighted to organize that for you and yet we will keep our commission as low as possible, so they just cover our operational costs.


We hope to welcome you soon on one of our fantastic trips!


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National Parks Tours Worldwide is a brand name of the World Institute for Conservation & Environment, registered in the Netherlands with headquarters in the USA, a social responsibility and conservation company.